A Slow Motion Saigon

Fall of Saigon

It’s now clear–to me, at least–that what’s taking place in Iraq is a slow motion Saigon.

Will someone tell me what we soldiers have toiled and died for since March? It wasn’t to prevent the proliferation of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, for it’s pretty conclusive that Iraq had none; it wasn’t to quash a threat by Saddam, for there’s no evidence he was one; and now, it’s become abundantly clear that it wasn’t to establish a Jeffersonian debating society.

We’ve decided to leave Baghdad to the tender mercies of the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Civil Defence Corps. The commander of the 1st Armored Division, BG Martin Dempsey, has decided to withdraw his forces to the periphery of Baghdad. The IPs and the ICDC will now be responsible for enforcing the law and ensuring order in the city.

This despite the fact that there are only 8,000 policemen (the latest estimates show that at least 19,000 would be needed in order to properly enforce laws), and about half that many ICDC troops.

So this is how it ends. We’ll just simply walk away. How pathetic.

So much for freedom and liberty; so much for weapons of mass–excuse me, “weapons of mass destruction-related program activities”; so much for Saddam being a threat.

Tell me again how it is that I’m supposed to look at myself in the mirror, after all these months arguing that we’re going to do right by the Iraqis. I’m not a virgin when it comes to political considerations, but this is ridiculous.

“The world cannot doubt our word again”. Right. And up is down, right is left, love is hate, and I’m the King of Siam.

A slow motion Saigon. Who would have ever thought that a Texan would cut and run?

Let’s do the world a favor and pull the plug on this sorry excuse for a President come November.


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