I’m thinking of doing some changes to the main page, since I like to type the occasional long post. Also, this is the first time that I’m using ecto (a new blogging client that I came across, courtesy of Brad DeLong).

And for those of you that think that things really are better than I say they are…we took 15 rounds incoming the other day here at LSA Anaconda, while I was sleeping. No injuries, no damage, but the mere fact that they’re still coming in, almost a year after the war began, shows me that this insurgency is a bit stubborn, wouldn’t you say?

That, and there was another multiple-casualty car bombing yesterday…such a tragic land. If only…if only. Hard to say if this is the start of the impending civil war, or if, I’m afraid, it’s already begun, with us the mere bystanders.


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  1. Don J. McCrery

    Sure wish you had a larger font.