Questions of Service

I’m not going to comment much on the President’s National Guard service during Vietnam. Others, like Kevin Drum, have done an outsanding job of documenting what’s going on.

There’s two points that I do want to make, though.

First, what’s the President hiding? Maybe there’s nothing in his records. But the longer he takes in keeping the whole truth, and nothing but, the more I’m convinced that there’s something bad in there, something that he thinks must be kept secret.

If there isn’t, fine. Release all the records, no exceptions. Otherwise, he’s opening himself up to any and all kinds of accusation, and making this more of an issue.

Second, if he’s going to try to cover himself in martial glory by strutting on aircraft carriers, say that he’s been to war (and prefers it to raising kids–what’s up with that), and call himself a war president, then he and his supporters have to expect that his record of service is going to come under question. It’s only fair.

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