Rest & Relaxation

Just so you know, I’m now in the US. I landed at 4 AM Friday morning, and, let me tell you, there hasn’t been a sweeter sight than that…US soil.

I’ll be back in force later today; I just needed a couple of days to catch my breath. I’ll need more to get used to being in America for the first time in over two years, but this is a start.

Again, thanks for the well wishes and good thoughts.


2 responses to “Rest & Relaxation

  1. Welcome back home!
    And may you stay here for the rest of your service time.

  2. Ron In Portland

    I have mixed feelings on your return. On one hand I am glad for you that you are home. I too have come home from war and know how wonderful that is. At the same time I will miss your honest voice from Iraq and your non-spin news and views. I would imagine that you will have contacts in Iraq so all will not be lost. Keep up the good work and welcome home; keep up the fight to make home a better place.