Rocking the Air Waves

I’m waiting for the future Mrs. Arkhangel to arrive here in the Springs. I’m also listening to the first day of broadcasting by Air America. I’m listening to the stream, since there isn’t an affiliate in the Colorado Springs area.

I have to say, it’s highly entertaining. I just heard Randi Rhoades, who’s from South Florida, get into a shin-kicking contest with Ralph Nader. For some reason, Nader thought that he was going to be interviewed by Rhoades–something that Rhoades made clear wasn’t going to happen (she told him repeatedly that she was angry with him for the 2000 election results). It got so bad for Nader that he hung up on Rhoades, even though she wasn’t hollering at him, or anything near to that.

The whole time, I was wishing that Rhoades had someone like Armstrong Williams on. But it’s a start, and it’s only the first day.

I haven’t caught any of the other hosts yet. But if they’re anywhere as fun as Rhoades, Air America’s got a bright future. Tune in here. You’ll need Real Player.

Update: Still listening to the Rhoades show. She’s doing a good job of bopping the fringe lefties. I actually think that this is something that needs to be done on occassion. It’s like I was telling my friend Joshua this past weekend–you can back Nader, and continue talking about how great it would be if we had universal health care at the coffeehouse, or you can back Kerry and talk about health care at the White House. Eyes on the prize, people, eyes on the prize.

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