I’m working on a number of different things pertaining to Iraq and the Middle East. I just wanted to comment on a thought that’s rapidly becoming popular across the pro-war commentariat: the possibility of Iranian involvement in the insurgency. The more I read about it, the more alarmed I get, and frankly, I hope it isn’t true–and I can’t for the life of me figure out why folks like the Almighty Reynolds and the Infallible Krauthammer are so keen for it to be true.

More later on why this is bad news, not good.

Also: why nine missing Americans, including seven missing contractors, aren’t good news for our efforts there at all.

UPDATE: I’m also looking for a good blogging package that will work with PCs. I use ecto with my iBook, but if I can find something for my ThinkPad, then I’ll be able to truly blog anywhere, anytime. The only catch is that it has to work with Typepad.

With that, the floor is open to suggestions. Either email me, or leave me a comment. Thanks.


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