Five in One

Well, I went to the Democratic caucus, expecting at least twenty to fifty people to show up. Bear in mind that my only previous experience with caucuses was the Iowa caucuses back in 1996–a wild experience, that one.

Anyway, I showed up…and it turned out I was the only guy from my precinct to show up. So, it turns out, I’m representing all the Fort Carson Democrats. Which means I’m five delegates, or at least representing 5 delegates. There are supposed to be 289 of us, so we’ll have to see where the rest are.

So, because of the lack of attendance (only three other people showed up at the caucus location), not much took place. Kerry, I believe, got the majority of the votes; but Kucinich and Edwards got support as well. Mike Miles swept the voting; hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

The county assembly is next Saturday. It starts at 9 AM, and will be held at Palmer High School.

I’m just now reading the transcript of the President’s news conference, plus the Q&A. I’ll have more detailed analysis tomorrow, but three jarring notes stood out:

–He’s promising more troops for Iraq; where’s he going to get them from? Apparently, nobody asked him that. C’mon, folks, that’s an easy question–I guess that’s more reason for me to dislike the White House Press Corps.

–He called Muqtada al-Sadr’s militia an “illegal” militia. I suppose that’s as compared to the legal ones? Seriously, there’s at least five or six militias out there. Either they’re all legal, or they’re not. And if not, then we need to have a sit-down with the Kurds. We’ve ticked most Iraqis off, might as well let the Kurds join the fun.

–Ummmmmm…Secretary of State Rumsfeld? Well, I suppose that’s true to a degree…

Well, fighting seems to have broken out anew. So much for talks, which doesn’t leave much room for hope down in Najaf. But there’s still a chance. We cannot–we must not–prove Santayana right. Death cannot have dominion.

And with that…good night, and peace and goodwill towards all.

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