In the midst of planning for a family reunion (my brother, who was also in Iraq at the same time I was), I found out that Tami Silicio, the woman who took this picture:

has been fired, because she violated Pentagon policy on photographing our dead as they make their last solitary journey home. In addition, her husband, David Landry, has been fired as well, for “unspecified reasons”. I’m not surprised that it happened, but it’s still a shame. How else are to we to come face to face with the tragic cost of this misadventure, if not through photographs?

The first great negative ad of this campaign has surfaced. If you’re a subscriber to the DNC’s email list, you’ve already received the link to this ad. If not, here is the Windows Media Player version, and here is the Real Player version.

Someone at the DNC should make a mass ad buy and plaster the airwaves from now until November with this ad. It’s that good.

Well, folks are starting to show up. I’m going to go. Keep up the comments, and keep up the fight. We can do better.


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