Pat Tillman Killed

This just in–former Arizona Cardinals linebacker Pat Tillman, who joined the 75th Ranger Regiment after 9/11, has been killed in action in Afghanistan. For all our concern about Iraq, Afghanistan has truly become the forgotten front.

So why the attention? Well, because Tillman could have chosen to keep making millions in the NFL, but instead, he chose to give that up and serve a higher cause than himself. And now he’s paid the ultimate price. Godspeed, man, and may angels sing thee to thy rest.


4 responses to “Pat Tillman Killed

  1. A true American. There are no other words to describe the actions of Pat Tillman. Put aside all the talk about the money. The man walked away from an opportunity that only few people would ever get to experience, a chance of a lifetime if you would. He, as it has been said is ” A mans’ man” !! R.I.P. Pat, and all the men and women who have suffered the ultimate sacrifice defending our country!!
    Thank You

  2. Dave Sistaro

    If my son grows up to be half the man Pat Tillman was I will be proud of him! God Bless Pat Tillman, you and all our troops will be in our prayers forever.

    -Dave Sistaro
    Staten Island,New york

  3. Dick Nothstein

    God Bless America … God Bless all our troops . . . God Bless Pat Tillman . . .
    finally a real American Hero we can all be
    proud of. Thank you Tillman parents–we all
    could take a lesson from you.

  4. i beleive that those who chose these kind of ways for living are not usual people, they are really exceptions and are sampples at this time that all human beeinga are trying to achieve a better life through making more money, but these people are granting their life for others to create a better life for them, they devote their life for a nation that they themselves are trying to escape from their domain and find a calm corner in the other world although i am rlating to that nation but fortunately i am still in my own domain and feel the presence of those who are devoting themselves for my calmness and i want to share this feeling with all those who want to rescue me from this critical situation and make a good insight from the future for my children. i want appriciate all of them from deep my heart.