The Pain…oh, the pain

One of the reasons I’ve been blogging lightly is because I’m just now starting to exercise regularly after a whole year spent at war. And, if you know anything about how members of the military exercise, it ain’t pattycake. So my aching body’s been protesting continuously–but, never fear, I’ll persevere.

Meanwhile, at long last, the Pennsylvania GOP primary is here. You can find results here and here. Currently, Specter leads Toomey 59%-41% with 55% of the precincts statewide reporting. If that’s the case, then the GOP GOTV effort is for-real, and something worth paying careful attention to, since that machine was wholly devoted to Specter’s use.

Broadcast note: if you haven’t heard about it, they’re going to be reading the names of the dead in Iraq on Nightline this Friday. I plan on watching, and commemorating, and so should you–particularly since we’ve lost as many soldiers this month as were lost during the entire “major combat” phase of this war.

Finally, it seems like we’re alternately eschewing and implementing the political solution in Fallujah. While I prefer the political solution, if we’re going to attack, and it seems we’re not going to do it using non-lethal means (like rubber bullets and the like), then we should use every means at our disposal. I don’t like it–but militarily, it’s the common-sense thing to do. Fighting with one hand and one leg tied crosswise behind our back is a recipe for failure.

UPDATE: Apparently, a HUGE screwup counting votes, because Specter and Toomey are within four points of each other–52% to 48%, with 73% of precincts counted, and Specter lost about 40,000 votes. Bucks County gave an extra 95,000 votes to Specter, but it seems the error has been fixed. Philly’s already reported; Pittsburgh has yet to do so, but flyover country is key. If Toomey carries that, Specter’s toast.


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