I’m currently watching the Rumsfeld testimony on TV. I’ll have my reaction to it tonight. Briefly: even though, in a normally ethical administration Rumsfeld would have been gone already, I don’t think he’ll be fired yet.

But he really should save everyone the trouble and quit. Because, Mr. Secretary, you may think you’re still effective–but you’re not. Not anymore.

More later.

PS: I had to switch to NBC because the local CBS affiliate–in its infinite wisdom–has decided to broadcast instead their crappy noon newscast. Grrrrr.


2 responses to “Testify

  1. I have to agree with Josh Marshall’s take on why Rummy won’t go/is forbidden to go. The vacuum of the position would make such a sucking sound as to draw too much attention to it. Also, the new Defense Sec would have to go through a grilling as to make BBQ hamburger life more appealing. And on top of that, the confirmation process may turn into an inquisition as Congress begins to focus on the ‘Whys’ of the war in Iraq which is the last thing El-Presidente wants to happen.

  2. I watched the mess on C-SPAN…McCain and Dayton did a great job. Full transcript available at WaPo (warning, full version is 55pgs).

    Waiting for transcript of House hearings. Wilson (R-NM) really laid a smack-down on Rumskull and his lickpsittles, hee hee.

    Dayton/Wilson 04!