Dredging the Depths

Real briefly, while I have a chance here during work:

For all the attention that has been given to what’s taken place at Abu Ghraib, we need to remember that Abu Ghraib (or the “Baghdad Central Correctional Facility”, as it was dubbed by us) wasn’t the only place that Iraqis were held, and continue to be held.

For example, a huge section of Samarra East Air Field (SEAF) holds quite a few prisoners. And many of the fire bases in Iraq (such as FOB Stoddard and FOB Speicher) had holding facilities for captives. And many of the soldiers over there had camcorders and digital cameras. So if you put one and one and one together…let’s just say that this story can be, and quite likely is, a lot bigger, and a lot worse than people think it is.

It’s not just Abu Ghraib, folks. And I’m just saying that some enterprising young journalist might want to consider delving into that, and seeing what comes of it.

Just a thought.


3 responses to “Dredging the Depths

  1. The media hasn’t ever looked into it, but I’ve wondered from the beginning what Blackwater did/does in Iraq. “Provide security,” yes, but that could cover a multitude of sins as well as legitimate tasks.

    I finally got around to looking into it myself, insofar as I can from here, being motivated by the new photos.


    This doesn’t *prove* anything, but the picture at the top is … suggestive. *Does* anyone know what Blackwater was actually doing in Fallujah?

    There is still massive denial, however, that any of this actually comprised torture among many writers today, both professional and the (real) free press, the internet. So many still want to believe that it was a few, it was spontaneous ground up, that the denial of knowledge is true, that lack of knowledge would exculpate the senior officers, and some even are continuing to deny that it counts as torture and not something lesser. I don’t know how, seeing as if Hamill had been beaten bloody and raped instead of being given anesthesia and treatment they’d be certain this was the true face of Iraq, but they are still doing so.

    I can only hope that the ones who are still saying the upper eschelons were not aware have not yet bothered to read the Taguba report, although again I do not see that that would excuse them much either.

  2. It’s the climate that Bush, Cheney, Rummy et. al. created. The grunts were stupid in a lot of ways, but they surely didn’t happily take pictures they had to know were likely to get out if there weren’t implicit sanctions for such behavior.

    There’s Bagram, too, remember.

  3. Two links that relate to this discussion. The first is an open letter from Stan Goff to the troops in Iraq:


    The second is a quote from Faiza’s blog suggesting that the Blackwater ‘contractors’ were recognised as torturers by the Fallujans: