No Sleep!

That’s right. I’m working all night, because I have barracks watch. Basically, it means I’m the NCO in charge if anything happens. So far, so good.

Also, since this is (in contrast to recent days) a non-serious post, let me recommend Links 2004 for the Xbox. Wow. Awesome, awesome golf game, and truly addicting. I haven’t played Tiger Woods 2004, but I think Links is a bit more realistic; for example, if you max out your drive in TW, your golfer will hack at the ball like Happy Gilmore. If you do this in Links, he or she will just whale the everlovin’ bejeebus out of the little ball.


One response to “No Sleep!

  1. Ark!
    You tweaked puppy!

    I hope your watch is “Q”. Don’t want to jinx it for you.