No, I Haven’t Gone Away

That’s right, I haven’t gone away. I’ve just been hellaciously busy with a number of campaigns, and helping them realize that, in Joe Trippi’s words, “the revolution will not be televised”. Particularly, the Mike Miles campaign. I just realized that, rather than telling them what they might want to do vis-a-vis their Internet strategy, I might as well get it started and then probably hand off the torch to someone else.

But, no, I haven’t gone away, and I haven’t been gagged. Just been busy. And as a bonus, I now have high-speed Internet access, so hopefully, once things have gotten calmer, I’ll be posting more–from Casa Arkhangel.


One response to “No, I Haven’t Gone Away

  1. glad you haven’t gone away, but you can at least keep in touch? Congrats on the marriage thing….I won’t waste my time writing too much, seeing as you never get back to me?