Attack Ads

I know I’ve been negligent in blogging. Part of this is because my fiancee and I are busy running the campaign blog for one of our friends (who’s running for U.S. Senate), and part of this is because my unit is busy preparing to be the next unit to undergo transformation into a “unit of action”. But I wanted to write this down before I forgot about it.

I’ve been trolling around the blogosphere, looking at homemade attack ads against President Bush. Most of them are actually pretty good, but there’s something that makes me think that they could be better, and that’s a focus on how the Bush Administration has made Americans’ lives worse.

Many of these ads feature footage of grieving and dead Iraqis. While that footage is powerful, your average American could care less about the plight of people more than halfway around the world. If you want these ads to be more effective, I’d concentrate exclusively on America and Americans.

Just my 2 cents.

Coming up, though: my reaction to the latest revelations in the Iraqi Bridge incident, my inside look at a Democratic primary campaign, and commentary on national security and politics.

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