Let’s Not Get It Started

Over at Matt Yglesias’s, Dana Blankenhorn’s got an outstanding Sondheim shoutout:

Don’t play defense in America
Can’t hit the 3 in America
Get by on rep in America
Puerto Rico beat America.

You know it, brother! I left to get some food while the game was in the first quarter, and the score was still close. When I got back, the U.S. was down 14 to us. Us! I say us because, as many of you know, I’m Puerto Rican.

America had been 109-2 in Olympic competition, since basketball became an Olympic sport. The two losses came at the hands of the Soviet Union, and one of those shouldn’t have even happened (I speak, of course, of the 1972 Olympics, when the last three seconds where replayed three times.) But, damn, it feels good to inflict loss #3 on the U.S.

Think of it as a little payback for 1898.


4 responses to “Let’s Not Get It Started

  1. Except West Side Story was written by Bernstein, not Sondheim. Just gotta give credit where it’s due.

    And you just failed the cricket test big time. But that’s OK because I don’t believe in the cricket test, and I still love you.

  2. I don’t see why you guys even get you’re own team, dammit. We own your ass. 😉

    Besides, it’s all about the women’s marathon.