Another flip-flop for Bush

I was just watching After Hours on MSNBC. They’re discussing Gov. Schwarznegger’s speech, and they had one of the Governor’s campaign advisors, Karen Hanratty, on the panel. Scarborough and Ron Reagan were discussing gay marriage, and the Governor’s support for it, when Hanratty interjected (I’m paraphrasing here):

“He doesn’t. He supports domestic partnerships and civil unions, like George W. Bush.”

Reagan, sharp as a tack, said that Bush disagreed with the GOP platform. So, there you have it: Bush thinks that we can’t win the War on Terror, and civil unions are A-OK.

Wait–it gets better. Will Durst just slammed Bush as being President Rainman: “Iraq. Yeah, Iraq”.

I really think that After Hours is one of the better shows this political season.


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