Zell Spew

If Howard Dean’s Iowa speech helped kill any momentum he had left (unfairly, in my opinion), then Zell Miller’s spew of hate probably killed any momentum the GOP had built up over the last two nights. And the fact that his rantings weren’t limited to his speech tonight, but carried over into not one but two post-speech interviews–in which he challenged Chris Matthews to a duel–only makes it more harmful.

When you’ve got David Gergen–David Gergen, who embodies Beltway nonpartisanship–slamming you as a hate peddler (his words), then you’ve truly jumped the shark. No matter what the President says tomorrow night, it’ll be overshadowed by Zell’s performance tonight.

As I wrote to Pandagon’s Jesse Taylor tonight, if Buchanan’s 1992 speech sounded better in the original German, then Zell’s sounded best in the original Hunnish.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan fricking rules. Just start at the top and read down.


4 responses to “Zell Spew

  1. The only problem is that the republican base eats this shit up!

  2. Not just the base, I wonder how Kerry’s numbers look right now in families with kids.

  3. Well, If Zell killed the GOP momentum, would Bush have been 25 pts up after the election if Zell hadn.t spoken?