Friday Random 10

Without ado, here’s your weekly dose of cat-and-dog blogging, plus a Random 10.

Friday Random Ten

“Rocket Man”, Elton John
“Thick”, Tonic
“Geezers Need Excitement”, The Streets
“All I Want To Do (Is Make Love to You)”, Heart
“Full Force Gale”, Van Morrison
“I’m Too Sexy”, Right Said Fred
“I Feel Good”, James Brown
“Come As You Are”, Nirvana
“I Will Buy You A New Life”, Everclear
“Personal Jesus”, Johnny Cash

Well, if that’s not eclectic, I don’t know what is; and I suppose that
it’s the only time you’ll see Johnny Cash and Right Said Fred in the
same galaxy.

Here’s the cat, Polo:


And here’s the dog, Shaasi:



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