Where’s Ritter?

I know that it’s August of 2005, and that it’s over a year before Coloradans will pick our next governor. Still, given all that, where’s Bill Ritter–the only announced Democratic candidate for that office? More to the point, where is he on the internet?

Look all around. What do Bob Beauprez, Marc Holtzman, Scott McInnis, and John Hickenlooper all have in common? Simple–you can click on their names and go to their websites, all touting their respective reasons for why they would be a good–or even great–Colorado governor. Heck, even Rutt Bridges still has his web site up–and he dropped out two weeks ago!

In contrast, there’s nothing out there for Ritter. Zip. Zilch. Not even a single, solitary, tiny tumbleweed bumbling along the exit ramp from the Information Superhighway.

If you wanted to learn more about Ritter, you’re out of luck. If you wanted to volunteer to help him out, sorry–nothing you can do. Heck, if you wanted to donate money to him–I’m really quite sorry, but I can’t help you there.

So what gives? Does the man not care? Does he really think that, somehow, through some act of abiogenetic whimsy, it will build itself? I’m genuinely curious. Apparently, something is reserved and under construction, but still…I’m curious as to why we haven’t seen more of a presence by him.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to talk to him this weekend, during the Party Summit, and if anything comes up, I’ll have more.

UPDATE: A Curious Stranger, in the comments, mentioned that unlike McInnis, who was at one point flogging his "draft", Hickenlooper’s draft site seems to be an actual draft movement. I think the larger point remains though, which is that if you’d like to see any one of the aforementioned gentlemen sit in the Governor’s chair, you have a place on the Internet where you can gather more information in order to make that happen.

In contrast, Ritter doesn’t have that. Heck, unless I’m mistaken, he doesn’t have any means of getting in touch with his campaign. So what gives?

While I’m at it, what’s up with the curious lack of Democratic candidates for the other statewide offices? I know people are talking about the prospect of Dan Grossman running for Attorney General, or Chris Romer running for Treasurer…but that’s all it is, talk. And lately, there isn’t even much of that. I mean, is Tony Martinez too busy to run for Secretary of State a third time? Nothing against him, but I’m looking at my former home state of Ohio, where Democrats have been getting the living bejesus beat out of them for the last fifteen years at every level, and they’ve somehow managed to corral multiple candidates for all of their statewide positions, except U.S. Senate.

So, I ask again–what gives? We took back the legislature a year ago, and logically, we should be planning to take back some of these posts. Are we really staking that much into the battle for Referenda C&D? I’m confused–perhaps Luis can answer that for us.

FURTHER UPDATE: I spoke with Ritter’s webmaster. Apparently, they’re getting ready to roll out the site any day now, so those of you (like me) looking for ways to help out Ritter will soon be in luck. Also, Ritter’s campaign plans to have a rather heavy presence at this weekend’s Summit in Colorado Springs, so if you’re looking to get involved, you should really think about stopping by.


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  1. AFAIK, DraftHick (as opposed to DraftMcinnis, which was actively pimped for by McInnis) has no official connection to Hickenlooper.

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