Don’t Call It A Comeback, Lamm Edition

Word has it that Peggy Lamm, who was badly out-fundraised by Ed Perlmutter last quarter, has gotten her act together in that department and is now keeping pace with Ed dollar for dollar. If that’s the case, it bolsters the chances that EMILY’s List will get involved. If that happens, Peggy will have fundraising consultant Hollie Velasquez, who managed John Salazar’s fundraising machine in ’04, to thank.

Personally, I’m torn between both candidates. I know both of them, and either one of them would make a formidable Representative for the Colorado 7th. For a while, I was hoping that the apparent vacuum in the Governor’s race on the Democratic side would prove far too great a temptation for Perlmutter, thus basically clearing the deck for Lamm to be the Democratic nominee in the 7th District.*

*I know, I know, Herb Rubenstein is a candidate too. But as much as I like Herb, I don’t feel he has much of a chance at this point in time. That may change; Herb’s campaigning very hard, and that will be a factor. Another imponderable is that he’s told me that he’s planning a visit to Iraq in the fall, to check out the situation for himself. I’ve said it before off-line, but let me say it here briefly (and elaborate on it later): Iraq will be the top issue next year. As in ’02, candidates will be asked for their stand on Iraq (whether we should stay or go), and only foolish candidates will attempt to dodge the question. That Herb is willing to, quite literally, put his life on the line and go there is frankly, impressive, and if more voters become aware of this, it will reflect well on him.

One response to “Don’t Call It A Comeback, Lamm Edition

  1. I wanted to let everyone know that in spite of good efforts, I will not be able to go to Iraq. I have developed the best exit strategy and will support getting our troops out of Iraq by July, 2007, as I have stated many time.

    We can not wait on this Administration to create an exit strategy. We Democrats owe the American people a detailed plan to get our troops out.

    Herb Rubenstein