I’m looking at video from the Superdome in New Orleans and wondering just what in the hell is going on? You’ve got scenes reminiscent of a coup in Haiti, and all the Administration can think to do is cover its own political ass.

Sometimes, as much as I love this country, I can’t abide this government. In a just society, something like this would result in the government’s fall. The country is looking, begging, beseeching, pleading for its leaders to take bold, swift, steps, and all they can think to do is natter on about armies of compassion.

Well, I’ve no doubt that Americans will once again rise to the occasion. If only our leaders were worthy of us. But they’re not–to hell with compassion’s hosts, what about the forces to deliver succor, support, and restore civilization?

Scottie McClellan had the gall to say that this isn’t a moment for finger-pointing or blame, and that we all needed to come together, because, after all, it would take that many people to cover the Administration’s tuchis. Well, too bad. One of America’s jewels has drowned, and I hope we have the intestinal and moral fortitude to demand that heads roll–and not just the bureaucratic kind, either.

Where was George?

Playing air guitar, while New Orleans drowned.


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