A Mystery Candidate…?

Hmmm…I just noticed something while taking of a few housekeeping tasks on the Internet side.

If you go to the Be the Change homepage, which you can find here, there’s a straw poll on the right hand side.

What’s the straw poll, you ask?

It’s a question asking which office Mike Miles should run for next. Now, those of you who are new to Colorado may ask, who is Mike Miles?

Miles was the insurgent candidate for U.S. Senate last year. Long story short: he was Paul Hackett before, well, Paul Hackett, especially when it came to an establishment candidate swooping in out of nowhere, seemingly, and grabbing the brass ring that many felt should have been his.

Anyway, the speculation has been, ever since his primary loss to Sen. Ken Salazar in August ’04, when he was going to seek office again.

Is he? Only Miles knows, and the last time we spoke, he was pretty determined to return to private life for the time being, reconnect with his family, and generally deal with politics as a private citizen, not as an officeholder.

But, hey, things change. And given the fact that many Colorado Democrats are, shall we say, restless at the prospect of a Ritter candidacy (so restless, in fact, that State Rep. Gary Lindstrom of Breckenridge (who?) is thinking of tossing his hat in the ring), it wouldn’t suprise me if Miles’ adamantine refusal to run for office in the near-term wasn’t quite so adamantine.

So why is the poll worthy of note, besides the fact that it’s being hosted by the organization which issued forth, phoenix-like, from the dying embers of his crusade?

Because if you recall, the last candidate to enter a noteworthy race (State Rep. Angie Paccione, who’s running in the 4th Congressional District), also ran a web-based straw poll asking visitors to “weigh-in” on her possible candidacy, before making official what most people already knew to be true.

Is Miles doing the same thing? Who knows. It’s fun to think of the possibilities, though–Miles running as the sentimental, if not the initial, favorite. I was there when he was the underdog; I’d love to think of the possibilities otherwise.


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