By now you’ve heard that the President authorized the NSA to perform domestic surveillance in order to nab suspected terrorists. If you’ve read some of the other blogs–for example, Political Animal and the Agonist–then you’re aware that the President’s secret order violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and was well-nigh unconstitutional, to boot (it violated the Fourth Amendment’s proscription of unreasonable search and seizure).

What has come out today is that the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), knew about it. There’s been no word as to whether Harry Reid, Pelosi’s counterpart in the Senate, knew as well, but it would difficult to see a scenario where Pelosi knew and Reid didn’t.

What remains unknown is the extent of their knowledge of the operation. It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that they thought the program was highly limited, and done with the knowledge of the intelligence courts.

However, if they were fully apprised of the operation, and chose to go along with it, then their removal from office is just as warranted as that of the President. What’s good for the goose is just as good for the gander, so to speak. There is no realistic threat out there that requires such a gross and basic violation of our civil liberties.

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