Better looking than Brad Pitt, anyway…

So, apparently, Big Media Ezra has gotten into a tiny spat with the spry Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Most of what they’re arguing about is dry and policy-related. But vanden Heuvel kicked off her post by taking what was, to me, an unfair dig at Ezra–she called him ugly.

Now, Ezra’s a lot of things. Ugly, however, ain’t one of them. Check my comparison after the jump.

First, here’s Ezra:

Ezra Klein

Got it? Not bad looking at all, at least to me. I’m a straight guy, but whatever.

Now, here’s Katrina (click here for a picture of her). She’s not bad-looking, but she’s wearing a bit too much black and she’s definitely rocking the Ann Coulter-wannabe thing a bit much.

All this to say, can we get past this? Ezra wasn’t obsessed with Kaine, and Katrina isn’t exactly the kind of beauty queen that can throw stones at anyone based solely on looks.


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