Presidential IMs

Courtesy of Danielle Crittenden…I just couldn’t resist. The best part:

Kickass43: whoa steve
Kickass43: still reelin here
Kickass43: *as much oil as in Saudi Arabia *
Kickass43: 😀
Kickass43: wa-hoo!
Kickass43: so like–screw ANWAR?!?!
NationalSecurityGuy: Something like that, sir. If they can extract the oil from the sand, which is not an easy process.
Kickass43: wait
Kickass43: r ther like any cute baby animals who live near tha oil sands?
Kickass43: no big-eyed baby seals?
Kickass43: no fluffy white polar bers??
Kickass43: no”noble elk”???
NationalSecurityGuy: So far as I know, sir, just mosquitoes.
NationalSecurityGuy: I should say BIG mosquitoes…
NationalSecurityGuy: In some countries mosquitoes of that size would count as wildlife
NationalSecurityGuy: But not even Canadians feel protective of their bugs, sir.
Kickass43: sweet

As they say, read the rest.


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