Gone Yesterday, Forgotten Today

I’m not much for post-mortems, especially when everyone else has had their say. But I’m with Craig Crawford on this one:

The President delivers an hour-long speech about the state of our country. Over the past year, due to an ill-conceived war, a massive storm, and astonishing, epic and systemic incompetence, we lose a major American city. I mean, it’s gone–it’s going to take at least a decade for New Orleans to come back, despite all the brave words, and even when it does, it’s not going to be at all the same.

And this massive event, greater, perhaps, that even September 11, gets only six sentences out of a couple thousand? And hardly anyone notices?

Apparently, it was so egregious, that only NBC anchor Brian Williams caught it.

Apparently, however, our erstwhile tribunes in the Democratic Party were so spavined that the great hope of the party, Sen. Barack Obama, when questioned about this by Williams, totally elided the question.

Some tribune.


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