Extra Boring

I’m a sports fan. I don’t root fanatically for any team in particular, though I do have my favorites. I tend to root more for having a good game, or series of games.

Super Bowl XL wasn’t it. True, there were exciting moments, but the game itself wasn’t all that great. Even the commercials, which are usually a refuge if the game’s boring or a blowout, weren’t all that great. The officiating, as others have mentioned, was shoddy at best. And the teams didn’t play all that well.

Pittsburgh’s home paper may dub this “one for the ages”. Truthfully, it wasn’t even one for the month.

Best play: Come on down, Jim Henley. Jim, who’s a Steelers fan, let everyone think that John Cole died. Mr. Henley gets the Ameriquest Award for best hoax.


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