Workin’ for the Weekend

Just wanted to let folks know that I haven’t been posting recently because I’ve been working for Ned Lamont’s U.S. Senate campaign. Yes, *that* Ned Lamont–the one that’s running against Joe Lieberman, the junior Republican senator from Connecticut.

Anyway, I’ll still be blogging on personal stuff, but political posting will be curtailed because of my position with the campaign. Also, it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: my opinions, and those opinions expressed in this journal over the last five years are my own. So don’t go asking the campaign about stuff I’ve written in the past–their message is my message.

Incidentally, Connecticut is really a pretty state. And my part of the state is rather, well, Shire-like. Yes, I’m talking about the place where the hobbits live.

2 responses to “Workin’ for the Weekend

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