Bill Winter Apologizes

In one of those random screw-ups, Bill Winter's campaign robocalled 43 thousand Democratic voters between midnight and 2 AM last night. Bill's doing the stand-up thing and taking responsibility for the screw-up. Here's what he wants all of you to know:

 I want to formally and sincerely apologize to anyone who received a robo-call from my campaign at an inappropriate time. I know no one likes to get robo-calls under the best of circumstances, but unfortunately, we had a technical problem that allowed some calls to go out at inappropriate times. This is NOT an indication of what is going on with my campaign.

This is a one time technical problem that we will resolve immediately!I take personal responsibility for this. I deeply and sincerely apologize. We will find out why this happened.

We will get it fixed. And it WILL NOT happen again.I understand your anger and I only ask that you not take it out on my staff. When things go wrong in this campaign, the only person responsible is me! I will be at a variety of public functions this weekend and will be available to apologize to you in person. You can find those events on our website and I invite you to come talk to me.

Again, I apologize most sincerely.

Bill Winter
Way to go, man. 

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