And so it ends…

Well, this is what victory feels like. At once, it feels like what I thought it would feel like, and not at all what I thought it would feel like.

Let me explain.

For the past few months, I’ve been working to get Ned Lamont elected to the U.S. Senate. Well, to be exact, I wasn’t doing that; the election that just ended this past Tuesday was merely to decide who would be the Democratic nominee for Senate here in Connecticut. The hard work, in some ways, begins now. But that’s a fight that I’ll not be participating in very much at all.

Anyway, I’ve been working in politics to one degree or another for the better part of the past decade. And, until Tuesday night, I’d never won an election. Ever. It’s hard to imagine what that’s like, but it’s true. I’ve worked for campaigns at every level from the courthouse to the White House, and I’ve never won a race.

Until Tuesday.

And the crazy thing was, that Tuesday night in Meriden, at the hotel ballroom, I wasn’t the only one. All kinds of folks were wandering around in a daze, with big fat smiles on our faces. Still, we knew that it wouldn’t be over until Lieberman conceded.

And then it came. I caught the non-concession concession (as graceless and churlish a speech as I’ve ever seen–and I’m including Nixon’s Greatest Hits) in my hotel room. I finished dressing, hustled downstairs, backstage pass in hand.

I was there when Ned said, “The land of steady habits voted for a big change!” And just like that, every single last one of us in that room exploded.