A few brief notes:

  • Still working on that Responsible Plan write up. One of the problems with writing on a blog is that not only are you the writer, you’re also the editor. I used to be good at both, but like any other skill, if you don’t practice it, it atrophies. I’m building up the skill so that it doesn’t atrophy again; unfortunately, this first large article is the first casualty, so to speak.
  • Yes, I changed the look. No, I don’t know how to embed my Obama badge. Once I figure it out, I’ll stick it back there. I may change it back — who knows?
  • Also, I added mobile functionality, so those of you who read on the go can do so easier.
  • Finally, I’ll be on Mario Solis Marich’s show later today, talking about the Responsible Plan. You can tune in here in Denver on AM 760, Boulder’s Progressive Talk!

Okay, time to sleep! More later today.


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