Holy cow…I think I just figured out why Hillary Clinton’s campaign ads are set late, late at night — like 3 AM late. Now, bear in mind, this is just a fun theory — I don’t actually expect this to be the case, but it’s certainly something fun to think about.

Pick up most any book about the Clinton Administration, leisurely browse to the parts where the President gets into a jam, and you’ll quickly notice something: a good chunk of the action takes place in the wee small hours of the morning. 

It doesn’t matter what the crisis is — could be Bosnia, could be the Mexican peso flatlining — but there’s always a scene where President Clinton is up late (say, well, 2:30 AM), playing cards (hearts is a favorite) and calling the adviser of the moment for some more information. 

What made me think of this? I’m a notorious insomniac myself, more so after the war, as are some of my friends (we tend to gravitate to each other). Anyway, I was watching Hillary’s latest ad, and something wasn’t quite adding up.

Namely — who calls the President at 3 AM about a financial crisis? Even if the Nikkei or the Hang Seng are in freefall, there’s not a whole lot the President can do at that hour of the day. 

Unless…unless your experience of the White House indicates that you get up and answer the phone at 3 AM for any and all twitches on the world’s stage.  

Obviously, I’ve got no way of knowing if that’s why the ads are set at that time; but it would make sense.  


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