One last note: I’ve finally added a badge to the site indicating my support for Sen. Obama. My support for him has been fairly obvious for some time; in the interests of transparency, I’ve decided to make it official.

More on that later. Back to the badge; it’s not just any badge, it’s a direct link to Barack Obama’s donation page. You should donate, and here’s why.

Before I joined the Army, and after I left it, I worked as a political organizer. Some organizers disdain fundraising; I don’t. I see money as the fertilizer that makes the grassroots grow, and makes people feel invested in their candidates.

One of the most exciting things about Barack Obama is his campaign’s enduring ability to activate and mobilize people who haven’t been part of the political process. For people like me, and others, who revere the memory of the late, great Paul Wellstone, that’s a gift beyond measure. 

By donating to Barack’s campaign, you give organizers on the ground in Altoona, Allentown, Scranton and Wilkes-Barre the tools and resources to mobilize those voters. You’re not just paying for signs; you’re paying to establish an enduring progressive and liberal organization on the ground in those cities and towns. It’s a wise investment, and you should make it. 

Please donate. Click on the badge, and help make the promise of American life a little more solid for another kid. The badge is over there, and it takes you right to the donation page. 


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