What a crock…

So, word’s trickling out that the Chinese women’s gymnastics team is really the Chinese girls’ gymnastics team. You have to be 16 the year of the Olympiad in order to compete, and these athletes don’t look it. 

The IOC is taking the Chinese government’s word for it, except that, given that China’s a one-party dictatorship, their word’s worth squat. Seriously — there’s no way to verify that these girls are of age. 

Ergo, my Facebook status: these Olympics are a crock. If China’s going to cheat so that they wind up with the medal lead, what’s the point? The Chinese are making a mockery of these Games. My off-line prediction for these games looks to stand: these games are going to be remembered in the same vein as the 1936 Berlin Games — utterly corrupt, and worthy only of being a cautionary note.  


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