YES. I’m a Civil War fanatic! And during the lead up to THE GREAT UNPLEASANTNESS BETWEEN THE STATES about 5 Southern senators took it upon themselves to move the message of succession by heckling and hollaring and being general kooks during all meetings of Congress. These were self identified FIRE-EATERS. And guess where the craziest one was from? SOUTH CAROLINA! This isn’t to say that Wilson’s outburst was some kind of racially motivated, glory of the Old South kind of thing. But rather, that it comes from a long tradition of bonkers legislators from SC who heckle. This is what South Carolina was famous for in the 1850s. Then there was Fort Sumter! Oh, man don’t get me started on FORTS!!!

EEEEE!!! Not to mention the bonkers facial hairstyles that sprouted at this time…or the brief fad to set up infantry units dressed as French colonial troops (Stand up, zouaves!!! Stand UP!!)…or the sudden rush to admit Western states (Nevada, wooo!)…or, essentially, the only time the Republican Party favored a strong federal government (though, in fairness, this might have been more Abe Lincoln than Republicanism, in and of itself).

Ahhh, the 1860s…


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