Back to school…

Ten years ago, I rang in the new year alone, in a new city, uncertain of what the year held in store for me. I had finished Army basic training the year before, and in some ways, I was a brand new man facing a brand new decade.

Six years ago, I knelt on a rock-strewn desert and watched an Army MEDEVAC helicopter take away a soldier who had died in a mortar attack – an attack I had, through the sheer capriciousness of life, survived.

I’m ten years older, hopefully ten years wiser. Yet, I’ve left one piece of my life unfinished.

Thirteen years ago, I walked away from college. That decision has been haunting me in ways big and small ever since.

It’s time to walk on back. On Monday, I will once more be a student at Ohio University, and this time, I’m not finishing until I have a diploma in hand.

I’m not going to lie: I’m a little scared. That’s only natural, I guess. But it’s time to finish up. I’m tired of having this hanging over my head.

Let’s begin.


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