Why Tumblr?

Along those same lines, I’ve had people ask me why I use Tumblr, and specifically that theme.

I use it because it’s simple.

I’ve been blogging now for almost a decade. That’s right: I started doing this in June of 2001, and I’ve been writing now, really, since the late 1980s, when I was a kid. I used to be all about Blogspot, and then WordPress, but lately, I just want to get down and write. I don’t want to mess around with a fancy template, I don’t want to mess around with formatting or HTML or any of that.

I just want to write. Oh, and sometimes record audio, or embed video, or feature a quote. Of all the blogging systems out there, Tumblr is the easiest to use for my needs.

Your needs may vary – so don’t take this from me as gospel truth. You’ve got to go do your own thing.


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