Fewer people than a pub quiz…

I’m well aware that, right now, Sarah Palin is telling 600 lonely teabaggers in Nashville that Alaska is a beacon of freedom, that they’ll be standing stoutly for liberty and other assorted nonsense.

I don’t care, though.

Now, I could write a drawn-out bullet list, but why? If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware of the myriad reasons, so why waste time?

All you need to know is that, for this conclave, only 600 people showed up. That’s it – 600.

To give you a point of comparison, about 800 people showed up for the 2007 Netroots Nation pub quiz. That’s right: a pub quiz outdrew a conference that claims to speak for the silent majority of Americans.

You know what, though? The silent majority of Americans don’t give a damn that we’re getting together in Vegas later this year, or that 600 (mostly older, retired, white) people went to Nashville.

The silent majority is probably spending tonight digging themselves out of two feet of snow (at least those living between Virginia &, oh, Philly), or otherwise getting prepped for Super Bowl XLIV (which will give the vast majority of the view audience a chance to pretend that they’re from New Orleans).

The next time some teabagger says that they speak for the country, though, remind them that their national conference drew fewer people than a pub quiz.


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