Why I’m pessimistic about the Firedogs…

This is why:

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Dennis Kucinich is whipping Alan Grayson and Anthony Weiner in their contest to decide who gets the support of the FireDogLake community. By the way, if you click that link, you can vote for up to three people.

I don’t have a problem with that. I think it’s great. I’m not sure how they’re going to deploy their resources, but you have to give them credit for getting off the bench and doing something. Given that they have some pretty sharp people working for them (full disclosure: I’m friends with and have worked with some of them), their chances of having some success are pretty good.

Which is why I’m so upset that Dennis fucking Kucinich is leading this contest.

Quick: name one significant accomplishment that Kucinich has to his credit in Congress.



Still waiting…

That’s because there aren’t any!

Look, I get it. You think that FDL should support someone that’s pushing the window. That’s why I think your money is better off going to someone who’s actually effective at pushing the window.

Someone like Alan Grayson, for example. Do you know how hard it is for a freshman congressman to have the kind of impact Grayson’s had? And he’s running in a swing district! I mean, dude could actually use the money and support.

Or there’s Anthony Weiner. Actually, let’s look at Weiner, who’s been very vocal on health care reform.

This is Dennis Kucinich’s website.

This is Anthony Weiner’s website.

Look at the differences. Kucinich’s is all about him – hell, he even calls himself “America’s Congressman”!

Weiner’s is all about the issue – the address doesn’t even mention his name. Instead, it’s been rebranded as “The Countdown to Health Care”.

Both sites feature petitions, but Kucinich’s leads to a black hole – there’s no way to find out who else has signed, which leads me to the conclusion that you’re merely signing up for Kucinich’s list.

In contrast, Weiner’s has a map that allows you to drill down locally and find out who else has signed, therefore allowing for the possibility of local organizing around health care reform.

I’ll make a guarantee, one that I hate making. When Kucinich wins that contest, he’s going to use FDL’s money and resources to promote one thing and one thing only: himself. He won’t use it for any other purpose, unless it serves his self-promotion.

We can do better than this. I get that Kucinich says the right things. I’m telling you that him saying those things isn’t going to do anything more than make us feel good.

Kucinich hasn’t done one thing to organize his folks around any proposal on the table, and that should tell you all you need to know about whether he’s someone worthy of your time or money.


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