A new beginning…

This was my April Fool’s joke for this year. If you pay close attention, the first letter of every sentence – minus the joke sentence – spells APRIL FOOLS DAY.

After much consideration, I’ve chosen to take the next step in my career path. Partly because of whom I’ll be working for, partly because I’ve been working out the details of when I’ll begin and where I can fit in the conclusion of my degree program, I’ve hesitated making the announcement until today. Rarely does someone like me get the opportunity to help shape the course of policy and engagement. In fact, that’s what drew me to this position, and once we were able to work out the details, I felt it was too good to pass up. Like many, I was skeptical at first, but now I’m fully convinced that working together, we can make this happen.

That’s why today, I’m proud to announce that I’m Director of New Media & Social Outreach for Joe Lieberman. 

For many, this will be a shock. One person, in fact, told me that this position would present an enormous challenge; this I welcome, for challenges are what make life interesting. Others may feel that working for Sen. Lieberman in engaging the netroots is a lost cause; I disagree vehemently. Like a lot of folks, I had a certain impression of the Senator, but I am now convinced that he is a man of independence, vision, and rare political courage.  Some may disagree, but I believe that what unites us is much greater than what divides us. 

Despite it all, I am committed to this task. As time goes on, I expect to continue the conversations that begin today at SenatorLieberman.com You and I, working together, will begin to make the change that we all voted for in 2008. 


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