iPhone OS requirements

Link: iPhone OS requirements

Instapaper Pro became a universal iPhone/iPad app with version 2.2.2. I thought that making it universal was obvious: my customers don’t need to pay again for it on the iPad, nobody accidentally buys the iPhone version on the iPad and gets a bad experience, and I get the benefits of only managing…


There were two problems that I didn’t foresee:

  • Nobody reads the release notes. I knew a lot of people ignored them, but now I’m convinced that nobody reads them.
  • OS 3.1.3 hasn’t1 been jailbroken, so jailbreakers are all holding onto 3.1.2.

[another snip]

But what happens in the future if I need to upgrade the baseline requirement to use a great new API or maintain compatibility with a new device, and it can’t be jailbroken?

[emphasis mine]

Marco, Marco, Marco…

I know that you want to do right by folks, and I admire that. But if someone jailbreaks their iDevice, then that’s tough cookies – for them. I’m not opposed to jailbreaking – far from it! I’ve done it before, I’ll probably do it again. If they jailbreak their device, though, they give up the right to expect Apple – and third-party developers, for that matter – to support them when something goes awry. 

No one’s forcing anyone to jailbreak an iDevice. Anyone who does it, does it because they choose to do so. Choices have consequences, and if you’d rather not experience them, then don’t jailbreak your device. Period. It’s really that simple.

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