Bad responses to the BP spill


Sarah Palin blames the spill on “radical environmentalists” who helped prevent drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She “questions their motives.” Apparently environmentalists now hate the environment so much that they’re in favor of dangerous deep water drilling. She now seems to claim that the subtext of “Drill, baby, drill!” was actually, “Drill here, baby! But whatever you do, baby, don’t drill there.” Or maybe Palin is doing damage control.

It’s absurd, of course. The environmentalists would love to have stopped the Deepwater Horizon well. They succeeded in stopping wells in more sensitive areas—but didn’t quite manage with the drilling far offshore. That’s because the far off-shore drilling was suppose to be safe. The industry persuaded people that leaks of this magnitude no longer happened. And, since smaller leaks would be so far from land that they would never reach the beaches, this was supposed to be the safer alternative.

But the political right doesn’t have a monopoly on not-so-great responses. Democracy for America wanted to send us a “Boycott BP” bumper sticker. A bumper sticker for us to put on our cars. The cars that we fill up with gas. The cars that are still creating the demand for more offshore drilling.

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