A brief note on France-Uruguay

I’ll have more later (I’m wrapping up my last final of the quarter – yes!), but sweet mercy, was this an awful game. Taut, tense, yes – and awful.

Neither side had a sense of rhythm – Uruguay, purposefully, because they settled early on for the one point gained from a draw, France because the team lacks chemistry. It’s clear that France misses the steadying leadership of Zizou (Zinedine Zidane), and no one has stepped up in his place. 

So, what’s next? Uruguay will play South Africa, while France faces Mexico next. Mexico’s style of play (much more offensively minded than the Albiceleste) should benefit Les Bleus. That said, France needs a win, and failing that, they need to score goals. This is far too talented a side to be this lackluster.

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