Germany 4, Australia 0

My short take: Utter destruction.

This isn’t die Mannschaft (the team) we’re used to; today, they were more akin to die Attentäter (the assassins). Apart from a just-missed chance by the Socceroos early on, the Australians just weren’t in it. Two goals in the first half – the first could’ve been fairly called off-sides, but wasn’t – set the tone.

By the time that Tim Cahill was sent off with a straight red card, it was all over. Two more goals were scored, but in all fairness, Australia was lucky to get off 4-0 – Germany really should’ve won 7-0 or 8-0. They were that close on that many opportunities.

I’ll eat crow: I predicted a 1-1 draw, thinking that the Australians’ age and experience would tell against the youth of the Germans. I was grievously wrong. After three days, Germany is by far the best team I’ve seen so far. Whomever finishes second in Group C (the Americans’ group) will face them in the round of 16 – and after watching Ghana, Serbia, and Australia, I’d be stunned if the Germans don’t win Group D.

That makes beating Slovenia and Algeria by multiple goals imperative for the U.S., if they’re to have any hope of making a run in this cup. The same goes for England, especially given their difficulties in goal, which go beyond Robert Green – it’s not like either of his replacements are better than him. That’s what made Saturday’s 1-1 draw so frustrating for both teams – England should’ve beaten the U.S., but once the second half was coming to a close, Bob Bradley should’ve sent in someone like Herculez Gomez instead of Stuart Holden, in order to gainsay a win.

Either way, we’ll hopefully be seeing some attacking soccer from both teams the next time out. They really can’t afford anything else.


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