A Wedge of this, A Wedge of that…

I wrote a long post about how gay marriage isn’t really a wedge issue, but more of a red herring, designed to lure your attention from the record of non-accomplishment that is the Bush Administration.

But then the computer froze, and took my post with it. Such is life.

Look, if you want to talk about protecting families and marriages, then let’s not talk about gays getting married, because that’s about the weakest threat to American life that there is.

Let’s talk instead about how hard it is for an American family to put dinner on the table; how they can’t afford a doctor for their kids; how they have to move from place to place, not because they want to, but because they have to chase a paycheck; how more and more families are breaking up thanks to divorce, and fewer and fewer kids are going to college and graduating.

Let’s talk instead about how this President has made it easier for American soldiers to fight and die in wars, but made it impossible for veterans to draw overtime, and get health care, and generally enjoy the same benefits that other Americans take for granted.

Let’s talk instead about how, a scant three years after we were in the black with a budget surplus, we’re now facing deficits as far as the eye can see, how our debt is stratospheric, and how we’ve lost more jobs now than since the Great Depression.

Let’s talk about all that, instead of how two people trying to express their love for one another supposedly threatens the fabric of American society.


2 responses to “A Wedge of this, A Wedge of that…

  1. I’m with you.

    Every time a Republican talks about Gay Marriage being a threat to Marriage, a Democrat should talk about how financial stress is the greatest threat to marriage.

    Since so many people are in that boat, it’ll resonate.

    Hell, I’ve been in that boat.

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